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Loss of Registration Priority FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Loss of Registration Priority

New State Regulation

(Effective for fall registration, 2013)


Priority registration is a privilege that is maintained by keeping a cumulative GPA of 2.0.


The loss of priority registration places the student’s registration date after all new students.



How can I lose my priority registration privilege?

Priority registration is lost when you have been on academic probation for two consecutive semesters, or when you accrue more than 100 completed units of degree applicable coursework – accumulated from Santiago Canyon and Santa Ana Colleges only.


What is academic probation?

A student is placed on academic probation when s/he has attempted at least 12 semester units and s/he earns a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0. Priority registration is lost when a student earns a cumulative GPA below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters.


What is the new rule regarding the 100 unit limit?

Students who accumulate more than 100 units of degree applicable units will lose priority registration.


Is this a new rule from Santiago Canyon College and Santa Ana College?

Yes! This is a new law which all community colleges in California must follow.


Does this 100 unit limit and academic probation rule apply to all continuing students, including veterans, foster youth, DSPS, and EOPS?

Yes. Academic probation and unit limits will be applied to all student groups, including veterans, foster youth, DSPS, EOPS, as well as international and non-resident students.


Can I lose enrollment priority after one semester at Santa Ana or Santiago Canyon Colleges?

No.  Academic probation does not begin until you have completed 12 units of credit.


Do all credits get counted in the 100 unit limit?

No. Only degree applicable units earned at SCC and SAC count toward the 100 unit limitation.

Degree applicable courses are courses that “generally” do not have an N in front of their course number. For example, English N60 is not degree-applicable and English 061 is.  


Will my transfer units count from another college or university?

No. Units from courses taken at another college are NOT counted within the 100 unit limit.  Only degree applicable units earned at SCC and SAC are counted towards the 100 unit limit.


Are “Ws” counted in the 100 unit limit?

No. The 100 unit limit applies only to the units you have earned.  Withdrawals (W's) and incompletes (I's) will not count towards the 100 units.


Do units in progress count toward the 100 units?

No. Units currently in progress, the classes you are currently taking, are not counted because they have not been “earned” or completed at the time that you will be eligible to register for the next semester.


Where can I find the number of degree applicable units that I have completed?

Look on the last page of the combined SCC/SAC transcript.  There is a column called RSCCD degree units. The amount listed there is the cumulative number of completed and earned degree applicable units for SAC and SCC.


What if I am in a high unit major, or had an illness at the end of the semester that affected my grade?

An appeals process is available for all students who lose enrollment priority due to extenuating circumstances that can be verified (accidents, illness, or other circumstances beyond the student’s control), or who are in a verifiable high unit major.


How can I appeal my loss of priority registration?

Each college has its own appeals committee. A student can appeal for two reasons:

1)      Extenuating circumstances (verified cases of accidents, illnesses or other 
circumstances beyond the control of the student)

2)      High unit majors


How do I know which campus will handle my appeal?

Your appeal should be applied for at your home campus. If you are unsure of your home campus, contact the Admissions office.

                Santa Ana College                            714-564-6005

                Santiago Canyon College                714-628-4901


How do I earn back my priority registration privilege?

A registration priority privilege can be restored when the student is no longer on academic probation. A priority loss which occurs after a student accumulates 100+ units may never be restored.