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Additional Fall 2013 Classes
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 Last Updated: 08/22/13

ACE-102-75646 Refining Academic Writing and
ACE-116-75654 Introduction to Academic Compo
ART-100-81557 Introduction to Art Concepts
ASTR-110-74804 Introduction to Stars and Gala
BIOL-190-77910 Introduction to Biotechnology
BIOL-249-74988 Human Physiology
CHEM-210-75373 General, Organic, and Biochem
CHEM-219-81479 General Chemistry
ENGL-101-81520 Freshman Composition
GEOL-101-75039 Introduction to Geology
GEOL-101L-75042 Introduction to Geology Labora
GEOL-201-75043 Introduction to Historical Geo
HIST-102-75596 World Civilizations Since the
HIST-120-81473 The United States to 1865
HIST-121-81552 The United States Since 1865
HIST-133-75642 History of California
HUD-107-81803 Child Growth & Development
KIN-104-75894 Healthful Living
KIN-109-75897 Sport in US Society
KIN-109-75898 Sport in US Society
KIN-111-75899 Sports Psychology
KIN-160A-75986 Basic Basketball
KIN-168A-76524 Basic Volleyball
KIN-185A-75988 Basic Swimming
KIN-185A-75989 Basic Swimming
MATH-060-74380 Elementary Algebra
MATH-080-75824 Intermediate Algebra
MATH-180-81504 Analytic Geometry & Calculus
MATH-219-81448 Statistics & Probability
MUS-101-81497 Music Appreciation
NUTR-115-81482 Nutrition
PHYS-150AC-75789 Intro Physics I - Calculus
POLT-101-75833 Introduction to American Gover
POLT-101-81463 Introduction to American Gover
PSYC-100-76079 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC-100-81486 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC-100-81531 Introduction to Psychology
SIGN-110-81407 American Sign Language I
SOC-112-76096 Relationships, Marriages, and
SOC-140-76098 Analysis of Social Trends & Pr
WMNS-101-75883 Introduction to Women's Studie
WMNS-101-75884 Introduction to Women's Studie