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Plan C - IGETC Certification

Requirements for IGETC Certification
·      All courses used for IGETC Certification must be completed with a grade of C or better. A grade of Pass is acceptable providing it is equivalent to a grade of C or better.
        ·     Students must choose between IGETC – UC Certification  or  IGETC- CSU Certification.
o     Those completing the IGETC – UC Certification option must complete area 6 (Language other than English).
o     This requirement can be met in one of the following ways:
Ø    Two years of the same language in high school, with a grade of C or better. Official high school transcript must be on file
Ø    One semester of approved language at the college level.
Ø    Satisfactory score, 3 or higher, on an AP exam in a language other than English.
Ø    Satisfactory completion of two years of formal schooling at the 6th grade level or higher in an institution where the language of instruction is not English.
o     Those completing the IGETC- CSU Certification option must complete area 1C.
·      Courses taken at other California Community Colleges will be applied to the subject areas in which they were listed by the institution where the course was completed.
·      Courses taken at other regionally accredited institutions (other than California Community Colleges) may be approved for certification through a Pass Along Petition. Students should contact a SCC counselor for further information.
Submission of Petition
To receive IGETC Certification student must submit a petition. It is recommended that students petition at least one full semester before they plan to complete. Petitions must be received by the deadlines listed or they will be processed for the following semester.
·      Along with IGETC Certification, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement in IGETC General Education Breadth.
·      Students may also earn an Associate Degree along with IGETC Certification if they meet all of the requirements for a degree. Click here for AA/AS requirements.
For directions on how to complete the petition, please view the following PowerPoint presentation:  The Key to Your Future (PPT)