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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a parent or guardian what your child or loved one becomes is one of the most important concerns in your life. We totally get it. We’re parents and guardians ourselves. The process of mapping out what your child or loved one needs to do to succeed can be overwhelming and daunting, with so many variables to think about it: the quality of the education, the integrity of the community, the caliber of the faculty and staff. Yes, and even parking!

At SCC we want to ensure you that we are more than just a college option. We make a commitment to each student that chooses us that we will not only provide the academic rigor needed for their future but will also foster an environment that enriches their daily lives. This means support in every moment, every day, every course, every presentation, every step they take, and every single moment that you and we both know matter most to get them safely and responsibly to their next important chapter. You’ve gotten them this far - now it’s our turn, we’ll take it from here.

"As part of SCC, I gained a sense of purpose and have made lasting friendships that I will carry with me."

Summer Marsh, Student
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What Happens Here Matters.

At SCC what happens here matters. The daily moments that lead your child or loved one directly and reliably to a successful future, that's what we do best. We’ve taken a very specific approach to your child or loved one’s journey -  it's THEM-centric. Higher learning is critical to getting ahead in life, which is why instead of only thinking about the future, we think about the individual daily moments that matter most to get there. Each student here takes the steps THEY need to take. That's what you’ve done for them, that’s what we’ll do too.

Info New Parents and Guardians Need to Know

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