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Add Authorization

Once a class starts meeting, you'll need an Add Authorization to register for the class section. Add Authorizations are issued by the Instructor of the class and depend on seat availability. 

Please follow the steps below to request an Add Authorization.

  1. Email the instructor to request an Add Authorization. The instructor's email address in listed in the class section description.
  2. If there is room in the class, and the instructor provides you with an Add Authorization, then you need to follow the instructions in the link below to register yourself for the class(es). 
 Here is an example email to the instructor:
Dear Professor (type in your instructor's NAME here),
I am interested in taking your class  (type in your CLASS INFO here, for example ASL-110-93669). If there is a seat available, would you please provide me with an Add Authorization. My name is (type in YOUR NAME here, for example Vicky Stark), my Student ID #  is (type in YOUR SCC STUDENT ID NUMBER here, for example, 2365811). Thank you. 
Good luck in getting into your classes. ​