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Benefits of Dual Enrollment

What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment?

​You get a head start on earning college-level credits. (These credits also count toward your high school diploma.) You can even earn an Associate's degree or professional certificate while still in high school! ​

​NO COST to you: Tuition is WAIVED! ​

​Taking college classes while in high school will reduce the number of credits you need for your degree when you become a full-time college student. That means you can graduate, take fewer units each semester or transfer earlier! ​

​You're likely to be better prepared for your first year of full-time college, finding it easier to adjust to the higher demands of college-level courses. You know what to expect! ​

​You can get core college courses like introductory English and Math classes out of the way in high school, making more room on your full-time college schedule for classes specific to your Area of Study. ​

​If you're a high school student in your junior or senior year who hasn't yet decided what you want to major in at college, or what college you want to go to, dual enrollment can help you explore your options and receive valuable guidance from college advisors. ​

​Taking college classes typically gives you access to the many useful resources the college has to offer. Resources, including the college's library, computer labs, and study rooms, providing an alternate stimulating environment for you to do your schoolwork. ​

​As a dually enrolled student, you can take advantage of the special interest/social activities on the college's campus as well as live events such as plays and concerts. ​