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July 2021 - We are excited to share with you a new booklet created by OC Pathways - A Guide to UC Requirements and High School Dual Enrollment.​ This booklet about High School Dual Enrollment is aimed to help high school counselors and administrators with the process.

The booklet highlight these important points:

  • Any UC-transferable Community College Course that falls within the A-G subject areas can be taken by a high school student for UC A-G Credit.

  • California high schools cannot add California community college courses to their UC-approved A-G Course List, even though the instruction may happen on the high school campus with a high school instructor.

  • UC-transferable college courses that fall within the A-G subject areas, including those completed through dual enrollment, will earn an extra point in the UC freshman admission GPA calculation - within our maximum honors points limitations - if completed with a letter grade of C or better. Refer to the Quick Reference Guide to UC Admissions for more information about honors points and the GPA calculation. 
    • ​Note: one college course earns one grade and one honors point in the GPA calculation, even though the single course may meet one year of a high school subject requirement.

  • Students who are offered admission to UC will be required to submit an official college transcript for all college courses completed, including courses completed through a dual enrollment program. This is in addition to the final official high school transcript. 

  • The high school, not UC, decides what to include on the high school transcript. However, even if dual enrollment courses are reported on the high school transcript, students are still required to submit an official college transcript for their college coursework.​
Thank you for visiting the SCC Dual Enrollment web page for High School Counselors and Administrators. 

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We look forward to partnering with you to help your students get a head start in college through our Dual Enrollment Program.​