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Transfers to a 4-Year Institution


Transfers to University of California 


Transfers to California State University


Transfers to Private or Out-of-State University

*Above data references 2019/2020 academic year.

Do your first two years with us and save money!​

Transfer to ​USC​

​Two Years at SCC ($2,760) + Two Years at USC ($112,450) = $115,210

Four Years at USC: $224,900

Savings: $109,690

​Transfer to UC Irvine ​or any other UC School

Two years at SCC ($2,760) + Two Years at UCI ($27,400) = $30,160

Four Years at UCI: $54,800
Savings: $24,640​

Transfer to ​CS Fullerton

Two years at SCC ($2,760) + Two Years at CSU($13,772) = $16,532

Four Years at UCI: $27,544

Savings: $11,012​
*Figu​res include 2018-2019 tuition and fees only.  Room and board varies by campus location.

Top 10 Transfer Majors:

Child and Adolescent Development
Business Administration
Computer Science
Human Services

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