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Refund Policy

NOTE:   Refunds must be requested in person by visiting the Cashier’s Office before the end of the semester. Refunds are not issued by mail.


Refund of Enrollment, Health and Student Services Fees

·      Students who withdraw from class(es) through the first two weeks (full-semester classes only) of instruction, or by 10% of a course less than a semester in length, may request 100% refund. Students withdrawing after the second week of instruction are not eligible for a refund.

·      Exact information on Last Date to Add, Last Drop Date Without “W”, and Last Drop Date with “W” is available for each SECTION/CLASS. Click on the Section Title under Section Information to access the detailed information.

·      Refer to Instructional Calendar or current semester schedule for general drop deadlines.

·      No refund will be processed until assurance has been given that any check in payment for tuition has been cleared.

·      There is no refund for variable units not completed. 


Refund of Parking Fee

·      Any student who withdraws from full-semester class(es) through the first two weeks of instruction may request a refund for his/her parking permit.

·      The student is required to return the parking permit, and the numbers must be eligible.  No refund will be allowed after the second week of instruction.  No refund will be allowed if the parking permit is lost or stolen.  Receipts must be presented.