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Pass/No Pass

Students who enroll in “graded” courses may request the pass/no pass option instead of a letter grade by completing a request form through the Admissions & Records Office. LIMIT OF 12 PASS/NO PASS UNITS (lifetime).

Students can submit the Pass/No Pass Request Form (PDF format) to the Admissions & Records Office after they register or by the specified deadline for each course (see Instructional Calendar). Requests must be submitted in person.

Pass/No Pass grade option cannot be changed back to a letter grade after 30% of the course has passed. Courses with Pass/No Pass grades may not be transferable. Pass/No Pass can not be used in major courses. Before selecting the Pass/No Pass option, students should consult with a counselor.


What you should know:  MUST READ

1.   Courses in the student’s major field may not be taken under the Pass/No Pass policy except as designated in all Apprenticeship programs, Gemology, Human Development, Real Estate, Women’s Studies, Work Experience, and through credit by examination or assessment.

2.   Every university has a limitation on the number of courses/units that can be taken for Pass/No Pass and applied to graduation and may require General Education taken Pass/No Pass to be retaken for a letter grade. Universities prefer that students have letter grades in English, mathematics, speech, and critical thinking courses. Courses that meet major requirements must be taken for a letter grade. Also, Pass/No Pass grades could have a negative effect on scholarships and international students. In addition, students who plan to pursue graduate or professional studies later are advised to be selective in opting for courses on a Pass/No Pass basis. If the student is unclear about requirements, it is best to consult with a counselor before using the Pass/No Pass option.

3.   Except as in item number one above, a maximum of six (6) pass/no pass units may be carried during any one semester.

4.   A maximum of 12 Pass/No Pass units is allowed for any degree program. This does not include units taken under credit by examination or assessment, or in all Apprenticeship courses, Gemology, Human Development, Real Estate, Women’s Studies and Work Experience.

5.   Pass/No Pass petitions are available online and at the Admissions & Records Office.

6.   Pass/No Pass petitions can be submitted anytime after registration up until 30% of the course.  Pass/No Pass grade option cannot be changed back to a letter grade after 30% of the course has passed.

7.   A Pass grade (P grade) is equilavent to a “C” grade or better.

8.   A No Pass grade (NP grade) is equivalent to a failing grade.