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Career Services

​Career Services is a resource offered through Santiago Canyon College’s Counseling Department.  The intent in offering career services is two fold: The first is to help students through the career development process by linking college majors and training programs with careers that meet their individual needs; The second objective is to offer practical job preparation services to students as they advance their education. Students may learn job search skills, resume writing and interviewing techniques.
Students are assisted in the career decision making process and job preparation through classes, workshops and individual appointments.  Students are encouraged to use Career Services on a regular basis.

Department Vision:

Career Services will conduct programs in an environment considerate of students’ abilities, personalities, needs and values. Through collaboration with the academic and business communities, it will provide students with access to information about the workplace, establishing itself as a leader in career development utilizing technology and established practices. (Created 2006,reviewed 2019)

Department Mission:

The Career Services staff and faculty educate and empower students to access career development tools, assessments and resources to help them discover their own uniqueness and find careers and majors to match their talents and interest. (Created 2006, reviewed 2019)

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