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Alternate Media


Alternate Media ​involves converting print materials into accessible formats (audio, Braille, large print, etc.) so that students with print disabilities have equal access to their course materials.

Students must be approved for alternate media by their DSPS instructor.

DSPS Alternate Media Procedures:

1. Complete an orientation

​If you are eligible for alternate media, schedule an orientation.  When you attend your orientation, please bring your textbook, syllabus, proof of purchase, as well as your laptop or any other device you will be using with your alternate media.

​2. Submit your request

​Fill out an Alternate Media Request Form in DSPS.  Students requesting materials in alternate formats must own a physical copy of the textbook.  For each textbook you are requesting in alternate media, you will need to know the title, edition, author, ISBN-10 or 13, and your/class instructor.

​3. Check your email

​Turn around time for Alternate Media will vary depending on the request. Production times may range from 3 to 10 working days.  Check your e-mail regularly for  confirmation that your media has been completed

​4. Pick up media

​Once your media has been completed, you may pick it up in DSPS.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your alternate media request, please email DSPS Alternate Media Services at​