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Equipment Loan

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DSPS offers equipment loan to students on a semester-to-semester basis with approval from their DSPS instructor. Equipment must be returned to DSPS at the end of each semester unless prior arrangements have been made to extend the loan agreement. Students are responsible for the proper care of loaned equipment and are expected to return equipment in the same condition it was received. A DSPS Lending Agreement must be signed by students when they check-out equipment.

Equipment available for loan include:

  • Assistive Listening Devices*

  • Calculators (Graphic)

  • Chromebooks

  • ​Closed-Circuit Televisions  (CCTV)*

  • Digital Recorders*​

  • Smartpens*

Students requiring other types of assistive equipment should discuss their needs with their DSPS instructor.

Approved notation (*)-Equipment must be approved (pre-approval) by a DSPS professional and documented on the student's Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP). Contact the DSPS office 714-628-4860 for more information on loan procedures. 


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