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​There are two ways to arrange for a notetaker:

1. Find your own notetaker

With this option, you  ask a classmate to share class notes with you. You can pick-up notetaking paper in DSPS or you may have notes photocopied in DSPS. Your notetaker will be eligible for priority registration the following semester if he/she meets notetaker requirements. Your notetaker must come to DSPS at the beginning of the semester to register as a notetaker and complete a brief training.

2. Ask your instructor to help find a notetaker

This option requires that you follow the procedures outlined below:

1. Submit your notetaker accommodation request to DSPS as early as possible in the semester.

2. Pick up your Notetaker Request from DSPS. Please allow two days for processing.

3. Give the Notetaker Request to your instructor as soon as possible. The best time to give the request to your instructor is before or after class, or during office hours. Inform your instructor that you do not want to be pointed out when the announcement for a volunteer notetaker is made. Rather, explain you will meet the notetaker privately after class.

4. Your instructor will make an announcement to the class asking for a volunteer noteta​ker. After class, introduce yourself to the notetaker and discuss how you would like to receive notes.

5. Provide a few sheets of notetaking paper to the notetaker at the beginning of each class. Make arrangements with your notetaker to receive a copy of notes after each class. It’s your responsibility to provide notetaking paper to your notetaker.
Your notetaker will receive priority registration for the following semester if notes are provided to you throughout the semester. To receive priority registration, your notetaker must come to DSPS at the beginning ​of the semester to register as a notetaker and complete a brief training.

Online Class ​Notetaking​

If notetaking is required for an online class lecture, be advised that notetaking paper is not utilized. If you need assistance arranging this accommodation, please contact DSPS. If you would like to remain anonymous, notes will be forwarded to you from DSPS upon receipt from the notetaker. 

***​Please n​ote that an approved accommodation as an alternative for notetaking could be taking pictures of the board or presentations .