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Testing Accommodations

​Testing​​ accommodations involve making adjustments to standard testing conditions so that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of course material.

Accommodations do not give students an advantage in a testing situation; rather, they compensate for educational limitations created by disabling conditions.

​The specific types of testing accommodations provided to students are determined on an individual basis.  Requests for testing accommodations need to be made only once a semester for each class.

​In order to receive your testing accommodations, it is your responsibility to follow the DSPS Testing Accommodations Procedure. Failure to do so may result in the loss of testing accommodation services.

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​DSPS Testing Accommodation Procedures


​1. Complete Request

​Complete a "Student Accommodations Request Form" and turn it in to DSPS at the beginning of the semester or at least two weeks before it is needed. Your instructor will review the form and complete an "ADA Academic Accommodation Authorization."

​2. Take Authorization to Instructor

​Take the completed "ADA Academic Accommodation Authorization" to your instructor and discuss your needs with him/her.

​3. Make Appointment

​One week before each exam, make an appointment to take it in the DSPS Center by one of the following methods:

• ​​​​​Schedule in person

• ​​​​​Phone (714) 628-4860

​• ​​​​​E-mail or

​Be sure to schedule your exam so that you:

• ​​​​​have enough time to finish (remember that DSPS closes at 7:00 PM)

• ​​​​​don’t miss the review before the test

• ​​​​​don’t miss any lecture

​4. Remind The Instructor

​One class session before each exam, remind your instructor that you are taking the test in the DSPS Center. Exams may be delivered directly to the Center in E-105 or placed one of the DSPS mailboxes in H-110 or A-204, or emailed to:

​5. Inform DSPS About Problems​

​Inform DSPS immediately if you have any problems related to your testing accommodation(s). Do not wait until the last minute to begin the above process!!



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