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How To Apply


Students seeking DSPS services or academic accommodations should follow the steps outlined below to  have their disability-related needs evaluated and accommodations authorized.

​1. Obtain disability verification from a qualified professional.​

​Students must provide DSPS with documentation of their disabilities. Disabilities that are observable may be verified by a DSPS certificated professional. Documentation is often provided through IEP Special Education or Section 504 Plan records. Students needing to acquire disability documentation may provide this Disability Verifi​​cation Form to a licensed professional.

Note: Students without disability documentation who are experiencing difficulties due to a suspected learning disability may contact DSPS to schedule a screening appointment.

2. Email or fax your disability verification to DSPS.

Students may email documentation​ to or fax to 714-532-4684. DSPS will contact the student once documentation is received to schedule an appointment. ​

3. Schedule an appointment to meet with a DSPS certificated professional.​

​Students may schedule an appointment to have their accommodation needs evaluated by coming to the DSPS office in E-105, phoning (714) 628-4860 or emailing At the appointment, students complete a DSPS Application for Services and discuss the accommodations they require with the DSPS certificated professional. 

4. Request DSPS services and accommodations at least two weeks before they are needed.

​Students are expected to request accommodations in a timely manner so there is ample opportunity to implement required services and accommodations.​​