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Learning Disabilities Assesment
A​ssessment for learning disabilities (LD) eligibility is available to students who are experiencing ongoing academic difficulties that interfere with their educational progress.
Learning Disabilities Assessment Process
​The process for completing a learning disabilities assessment typically requires four (4) appointments as described below:
​1. Intake:
• ​​​​​Important personal, medical and educational history is gathered.
2. Achievement testing:

• ​​​​​​Provides information about present academic skill levels in reading, math, spelling,
and writing.

3. Intellectual ability testing:
​ • ​​​​​Potential for academic learning is assessed.
​4. Interpretation:
​​ • ​​​​​​Assessment results are reviewed and recommendations are made.
​NOTE: Students who have been previously assessed for a learning disability may submit recent testing for evaluation. The need for any additional testing will  be determined after this information has been reviewed.
Students interested in being assessed for learning disabilities eligibility must contact DSPS at (714) 628-4860 to schedule a screening appointment with a Learning Disabilities Specialist.