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EOPS Students Participated in STEM Undergraduate Research

Three EOPS Students participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Earth and Environmental Science Commencement at Chapman University. SCC EOPS and STEM student Jessica Martinez, participated in an 8-week research program and earned a $4,000 stipend. Students also had the opportunity to live on campus.

Jessica Martinez (left) & Christina Chavez - The non-lethal effects of climate change on the territorial of Lottia Gigantean.

Gerardo Padilla – Development of low-cost human technology interfacing using non-invasive commercially available hardware.

Ivan Blanco - Development of low cost human technology interfacing using non-invasive commercially available hardware.

CARE/CalWORKs May Celebration
CARE/CalWORKs held its annual Mother's Day Event. Eighteen students attended this event and students were welcomed by the Dean of Counseling, Ruth Babeshoff.  RaqC (Raquel Cordova-radio/talk show/social media personality) presented a one hour workshop: "Be the Ultimate you: How to Balance all Areas of Your Life".

When I enrolled at Santiago Canyon College (SCC) in 2011, both the CA Dream Act and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) legislation hadn’t passed yet for those of us with AB540 status. This meant that at the time, we were ineligible for many opportunities such as Cal Grants, jobs, and CA ID/Driver’s License. Despite our situation, the EOPS staff at SCC offered us their generosity, support, and guidance, which made it easier for us to obtain an equality of opportunity for academic success. With the help of EOPS, I allowed myself to have hope for a successful future.

I was invited to apply to a program for Berkeley-admitted students from colleges in Southern California that took the students on a weekend flight to Berkeley with paid expenses. During my trip, I met with directors and staff from EOP, Undocumented Student Program, and other programs. As a result of networking with them, I was offered help with financial aid and housing. After being offered an $8000 scholarship (apart from the CA Dream Act Financial Aid Award) and a spot at Casa Joaquin (a multi-residential leadership house near the Berkeley campus), I took a risk and accepted Berkeley’s offer of admission, as I was getting a full ride! I graduated from SCC with a 4.0 GPA, 110 units, five Associate’s Degrees (including Math, Physics, and Computer Science), and received the Dean R. Strenger Service Award during the graduation ceremony.

For those of you reading this, I would like to reemphasize two popular clichés: take advantage of the opportunities available to you and allow yourself to chase after big dreams.  Also, for those of you that are undocumented, show society through your efforts that you have as much worth and potential as any citizen and that society as a whole would be at a loss without you in it.

-Manuel Aguirre-Nunez