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Disbursement Schedule

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please carefully read the section below the dates listed to ensure all requirements are being met in order to receive your disbursement.

Financial Aid Disbursement Dates and Detailed Information:

2018-2019​ (printable PDF)

​​Award Acceptance Date: Students must accept their Financial Aid Awards by this date in order to have the Santiago Canyon College Financial Aid Office (SCC FAO) disburse the funds. Acceptance is completed ONLINE via student's WebAdvisor account. See below for more details.

**Fund Process Date: This is the date the funds will be transmitted to our 3rd Party Servicer. See below for more details.​

​​​​​FALL 2018​

Fall (8/27/18 - 12/16/18)
***Santiago Canyon College Financial Aid Federal Title IV Aid Freeze Date (PRD)​​: November 2, 2018​
*Award Acceptance Date **Fund Processing Date:​ PROGRAMS:
September 10 September 20 1st Pell Grant
September 17
September 27 1st Pell Grant
September 24 October 4 1st Direct Loan
October 8 October 18 1st Pell Grant, FSEOG, Cal Grant, SSCG
October 15 October 25 1st Direct Loan
October 22 November 1 1st Pell Grant, FSEOG, Cal Grant, SSCG
November 4 November 19 2nd Pell Payment (All remaining or eligible Pell), FSEOG, Cal Grant, FTSSG
November 12 November 21 2nd Direct Loan (All remaining or eligible Direct Loan)
December 3 December 13 Pell Grant, Cal Grant, FSEOG, SSCG
December 10 December 19 All Direct Loan
January 7 January 17 All Programs
January 28 February 7 All Programs


​​SPRING 2019

​​​Spring (2/11/19 - 6/9/2019)
***Santiago Canyon College Financial Aid Federal Title IV Aid Freeze Date (PRD):  April 26, 2019​​
*Award Acceptance Date **Fund Process Date: PROGRAMS:
February 25
March 7 1st Pell Grant
March 4 March 14 1st Pell Grant
March 11 March 21 1st Direct Loan
March 18 March 28 1st Pell Grant, Cal Grant, FSEOG, SSCG
April 1 April 10 1st Direct Loan
April 15 April 25 1st Pell Grant, Cal Grant, FSEOG, SSCG
April 28 May 13 2nd Pell Payment (All remaining or eligible Pell), Cal Grant, FSEOG, FTSSG
May 13 May 23 2nd Direct Loan (All remaining or eligible Direct Loan)
May 20 May 30 Pell Grant, Cal Grant, FSEOG, SSCG
May 27 June 6 All Direct Loan
June 10 June 20 All Programs


​​SUMMER 2019

​​​Summer (6/17/19 - 8/11/19)
*Award Acceptance Date **Fund Process Date: PROGRAMS:
June 30 July 11Summer Pell Grant, Retro's
July 29 August 8Summer Pell Grant, Retro's
August 19 August 29 Summer Pell Grant, Retro's

*Award Acceptance:  In order to receive disbursement of financial aid funds, each student must do these things before the award acceptance date:​

  1. Accept your Financial Aid awards on WebAdvisor
  2. Meet the eligibility requirements of the program being awarded
  3. Meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements established by SCC FAO

**Fund Process Date & 3rd Party Servicer Information: Beginning in the 2018/19 academic year, Rancho Santiago Canyon College District (RSCCD) will be using BankMobile as our new 3rd Party Servicer. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:  (​Please note: We are no longer using Blackboard Pay, as in previous years. If you previously made a disbursement plan with Blackboard Pay, it will no longer be valid starting in 2018/19.

Making a refund preference selection with BankMobile is easy! Just log in to your WebAdvisor and under the Financial Aid heading select “New! Choose Your Disbursement Option."

***Federal and State Financial Aid Eligibility, Census Dates, Freeze Dates & Additional Important Information Regarding Disbursements

All Federal Title IV and State Financial Aid Awards reflect the maximum full-time eligibility on student's individual award package.  This is based on the assumption that students will be attending full-time (12+ units).  At the time of disbursement, certain awards will be​ prorated based on student's actual enrollment. Intersession & Spring units are combined for certain programs. 

The SCC FAO only disburses financial aid for classes actively in session and approved SAP units. Classes that will start on a future date will not be disbursed until the class becomes active according to the next scheduled disbursement. (Wait-listed classes are not included in disbursements.) Any unpaid SCC mandatory fees will be deducted from disbursements, including balance from the Book Advance Program (see below).

  • Title IV Federal Aid (Title IV Aid will not be disbursed prior to the Admissions & Records census dates)​​   Pell Grant & Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) - Uses the Title IV *** Freeze Date (Federal Pell Recalculation Date - PRD) to determine a student's enrollment status at the time of disbursement:
  1. Students who drop classes after receiving their 1st disbursement may receiving a 2nd disbursement if they drop after​ the Title IV ***Freeze Date.
  2. Students who drop classes after receiving their 1st disbursement ​may​ owe back SEOG and/or Pell Grant if they drop prior to the Title IV *** Freeze Date.
  3. Students receiving their first disbursements after the ***Freeze Date will be paid one disbursement based on current active units. Applicants whose financial aid is awarded and processed late in the term will receive one disbursement for the entire amount for that term, if processed on or after the scheduled 2nd disbursement(s) date(s) on this calendar. 

Direct Loan:  Must be in 6 concurrent approved units at time of disbursement.

State Financial Aid​: Cal Grant & Success Completion Grant - is disbursed after the Admissions & Records census dates by class with current active units. For more information, see Cal Grant page of this website.

For more information about each award type, see Conditions of Acceptance​ page of this website.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP):​ After acceptance of an award a student's eligibility may change due to an update to SAP, such as a posting of a degree, or units transferred from previous schools, etc.

Financial Aid Book Advance Program: Students may utilize this program as long as they meet the conditions of their financial aid award resources. This may include Pell Grant, FSEOG, Cal Grant, SSCG, and Direct Loans. It is recommended that students utilize this program early and prior to 1st disbursement. Once a student's financial aid has been disbursed, the student will no longer be eligible for this book advance program. Refer to the Book Ad​vance Flyer for more details.



 If you have moved, be sure to complete a “Change of Address” on:

1. Your WebAdvisor​ User Account AND

2. With BankMobile at  

P.O. Box addresses are not accepted.