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Financial Literacy

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​​Welcome to ECMC Learning with Santiago Canyon College!  

SCC's Financial Aid is pleased to offer ECMC Learning​ to our students for free so that you can view how to shape your financial future.  The information and tools provided will help you plan to achieve your best personal financial results.  

College can be challenging, but managing your money shouldn't be. After creating a personalized account, you can:

Providing tools that help our students succeed both in and out of the classroom is one of the ways that SCC works to improve lives and enhance our communities.


Santiago Canyon College has partnered with CashCourse to provide students free financial literacy.

Whether you are planning for college, trying to pay for college, or graduating and thinking about your future, it's clear that the financial decisions you make today will impact your future.

CashCourse is a nonprofit personal finance website that teaches you the practical money skills you need to get through college and prepare for future financial challenges.​

 Learn the basics of how to save, spend, and manage your finances more effectively through CashCourse.


Follow these step-by-step instructions showing

how to create your CashCourse account.

It's free!