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Gainful Employment

​2016-2017 Gainful Employment Disclosure Statements

Educational institutions that provide Federal Title IV student aid are required to provide consumer information to prospective and current students for vocational and certificate programs that lead to gainful employment. For detailed information, click on the corresponding link below.

​  1​AccountingAccounting 
​  2​Apprenticeship CarpentryAcoustical Tile
  ​3​Apprenticeship Carpentry ​Concrete
​  4​Apprenticeship CarpentryDrywall Finisher
​  5​Apprenticeship Carpentry ​Drywall Lather
 ​ 6
​Apprenticeship Carpentry
Finish Carpentry
​  7
​Apprenticeship Carpentry  Framing
​​Apprenticeship Carpentry
​Apprenticeship CarpentryMillwright
​Apprenticeship Carpentry ​Pile Driver
​Apprenticeship Carpentry
​Apprenticeship Carpentry
​Apprenticeship ElectricityIndustrial
​Apprenticeship Electricity ​Intelligent Transportation Systems Electrician
​Apprenticeship ElectricitySound Installer
​Apprenticeship Electricity ​Sound Technician
​Apprenticeship Maintenance MechanicMaintenance Mechanic Apprentice 1
​​Apprenticeship Maintenance Mechanic ​Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice 2
​​Apprenticeship Operating Engineers ​Construction Safety Inspector
​Apprenticeship Operating EngineersHeavy Duty Repair
​Apprenticeship Operating Engineers ​Heavy Equipment / Landscape Operator Engineer
​Apprenticeship Operating EngineersPlant Equipment / Rock, Sand and Gravel
​Apprenticeship Operating EngineersSpecial Inspector
​Apprenticeship Power LinemanPower Lineman
​Apprenticeship SurveyingChainman
​Apprenticeship SurveyingChief of Party
​Biotech Lab Technician
Food Safety
Biomanufacturing Technician
​Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems
​Computer Retail Sales and Support
Computer Retail Sales and Support
​Computer ScienceComputer Science
​Construction InspectionConstruction Inspection
​Construction Management
Construction Management
​Cosmetology ​Cosmetology
​Digital Media Arts ​Graphic Design
​Digital Media ArtsMobile Application Development & Design
​Environmental Management ​Environmental Management
​Gemology ​Gemology
​General Biotechnology
​General Electrician ​General Electrician
​Real EstateReal Estate
​Sign LanguageAmerican Sign Language
​Survey / Mapping SciencesLand Surveying
​Wastewater / Environmental SanitationWastewater / Environmental Sanitation
​Water DistributionWater Distribution
​Water TreatmentWater Treatment