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Student Success Completion Grant

​​​​What is the Student Success Completion Grant (SSCG)​​

The purpose of the SSCG grant award is to provide the student with additional financial aid to help offset the total cost of community college attendance, and to encourage full time attendance and successful on-time completion. Here is a video about it provided by the California Community College Chancellor's office. SSCG funds are limited and they can run out; therefore, a disbursement is not guaranteed and limited funds will be based on File Completion priority.

How much is the award?

  • A maximum of $2,596 annually at $1,298 per semester for eligible students who enroll and attend 12-14.99 units per the Fall and Spring Semesters.  Units taken during Intersession will be combined with Spring.

  • A maximum of $8,000 annually at $4000 per semester for eligible student who enroll and attend 15+ units per the Fall and Spring Semesters. Units taken during Intersession will be combined with Spring. 

The SCC Financial Aid Office automatically awards the maximum $8000 assuming a student being offered Cal Grant B or C will attend 12 or more units. Student who are attending less than 12 units will NOT be eligible for a SSCG Disbursement. Total grant amount is up to the amount of unmet need.

If you are not planning on attending full-time in any semester and you wish to decline any of your awards please contact the Financial Aid Office. If you decline your Cal Grant, you will not be eligible for SSCG.

How does a student qualify for the SSCG award?

  • The student must be receiving a Cal Grant B or C award
  • The student must maintain federal satisfactory academic progress at the college

Must the student have a comprehensive Student Educational Plan (SEP) to receive the award?

No, however​ it is the intent of the law for students to have a SEP on file. If you have questions about your SEP, contact an academic counselor.

How does the student maintain eligibility for the SSCG?

To qualify for the SSCG:

  • Be eligible for a Cal Grant B or C award
  • Meet federal satisfactory academic progress (SAP)
  • Have unmet need to receive the SSCG
  • Maintain full time attendance