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Summer 2016 Pell Eligibility Policy

​Eligible Pell grant students for 2015/2016 (fall 2015 and spring 2016) who have not received any Pell Grant aid may be eligible for Pell grant during summer 2016,  this commonly happens to incoming freshman who start college in summer. In addition, students who did not enroll full time (12 + units) during the fall 2015 and spring 2016 term may be eligible for remaining Pell grant eligibility award for the summer 2016 semester.  For example, if a student took six units in fall 2015 (half-time enrollment) and nine units in spring 2016 (three-quarter time enrollment) then that student will have enough remaining eligibility to cover three- quarter time enrollment for summer 2016 (half-time remaining Pell grant eligibility left over from the fall semester plus one-quarter time remaining Pell grant eligibility left over from the spring semester equals three-quarter time remaining Pell grant eligibility for summer 2016). Please note by accepting the Pell grant for fall and spring you have already granted the financial aid office the permission to adjust your summer award accordingly and process the disbursement.

Depending upon the Expected Family Contribution listed on the Student Aid Report some students who are enrolled in less than six units may still qualify for BOGW’s but have no remaining Pell grant eligibility and will not receive additional Pell grant funds for their summer 2016​ semester as 12 units are still considered full time for summer term