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Who to Contact if Sexually Assaulted

What to do if You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted

Who Should You Contact?

If you are on-campus:
Go directly to Student Health and Wellness Services (SHWS) in Building T-102. You will be provided with immediate confidential care.
If SHWS is closed, contact Campus Safety and Security directly in Building U-100 or call (714) 628-4730.

If you are off-campus:
Dial 911 and local law enforcement will be contacted.

It is strongly urged that you do not wash, douche, change clothes or clean up until after talking to the police and going to the hospital. Doing so could affect the preservation of valuable evidence.

As a victim of sexual assault, reporting a rape or other act of sexual violence does not commit you to filing charges.
Whether or not a sexual assault victim was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at the time of an attack does not change the fact that a crime has occurred. The California Penal Code states that sexual assault victims cannot be charged with any misdemeanor related to alcohol or drug use at the time of the attack.

If you are a student at Santiago Canyon College, have been the victim of a sexual assault, and did not immediately seek help, you can still request the assistance of trained professionals during this difficult time. Proceed to the Student Health and Wellness Center in Building T-102 for information regarding existing on- and off- campus counseling and other support services.

Remember: You are not to blame for what happened. You are alive; you are a survivor and now is the time to begin the process of recovery. Reaching out for support is part of the healing process.