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Forms of Sexual Violence

Specific Forms of Sexual Violence
Dating Violence
Controlling, abusive, and aggressive behavior which can include verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or a combination of these. 
The use of force to harm or a verbal threat to inflict harm on a person in order to engage in forced sexual intercourse against the will of the victim. In addition, rape takes place when a perpetrator overpowers a victim who is unable to refuse or defend her/himself from the act. 
Sexual Assault
Forcing a person to participate in sexually related acts even though he/she is unwilling.  It is believed that sexual assaults are not motivated by the offender’s desire to have sex, but as a vehicle for the offender to fulfill a need for control and power. To this extent, the offender frequently tends to use a mixture of coercion by physical force, verbal threat intimidation and even placing blame on the victim in order to perpetrate the attack.  Any sexual activity with a minor also constitutes sexual assault. 
Domestic Violence
This condition can be of a varied nature, whether sexual, economic, physical or psychological, and occurs when one person uses unreasonable and irritant behavior that causes emotional damage to another. 
Stalking Crimes
These are usually a series of repeated acts towards a chosen individual, always along the lines of contact, harassment or unwanted attention that will result in intimidation and fear.