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How to Attend Your Fall 2020 Classes

How to Attend Your Fall 2020 Class Based on The Instruction Method (1).png

Online (O): 

These classes are structured like traditional online courses (pre-COVID). All instruction is occurring through Canvas and there are NOT specified meeting times where you are required to be online.​

​Remote Live (RL):

These classes are structured similarly to a class that you would attend on campus, except that instead of coming to campus, you are logging in for a Zoom meeting/classroom session during the class period. You will see the days and times for these meetings listed under section information. These classes are great for when you are more comfortable with the structure of specified meeting times scheduled throughout the week.

Remote Blended (RB):

These classes are mostly online, similar to a traditional Online class, but there are a handful of online meetings scheduled throughout the semester. You will see the dates and times for those meetings listed under section information. During a regular week, you will log in to Canvas on your own time to turn in work and satisfy the deadlines that have been communicated by the instructor. On a day where there is a scheduled meeting, you will log in for a Zoom meeting/classroom session during the specified day and time.​

Face to Face (F2F):

These classes will take place in-person during scheduled meeting times. This is like a “normal" on campus class pre-COVID, though there will be certain precautions. Also, there is a possibility that this classes will be cancelled if circumstances around face-to-face instruction change and the class can't be migrated into an online format. For example, if the class is a swimming class, but your unable to come to campus to swim in the pool, the class will be cancelled.​

Hybrid (H):

These classes will blend Online, Remote Live, and Remote Blended with Face-to- Face classes on Campus. Because there is a lot of flexibility within that description, please check the class schedule for more information.​​