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Meet the Staff

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Program Director

Dr. Lakyshia Perez
(714) 628-5011


Student Services ​​Coordinator

Jovannys Mejia
(714) 628-5032    ​



Gustavo Lucatero, M.S.
(714) 628-5052

Student Program Specialist 

Stephanie Aguilar
(714) 628-5033​


Learning Facilitator 

Berenice Mosqueda
(714)​ 628-5065

Learning Facilitator 

Amanda Peralta
​(714)​ 628-5065


  Fall 2019 Tutors


​​​Academic Strength(s)


Jorge Dominguez

"I am a Business major and plan to go to UCI or CSUF. I enjoy making friends, working out, and go rock climbing often. As a TRiO student myself, I have established deep connections with this program. I enjoy connecting with students and helping them excel in their academics. I have experience with programming and mathematics and can help students in these areas. I am most comfortable​ tutoring Math up to Calculus 1 and any computer science course. I hope to connect with every single one of you."

Jorge Dominguez, Business​ Major



Rachelle Rivera

"I am a Biology major and I hope to transfer to UCSB soon. My career goal is to become a Doctor and treat patients that come to the Emergency Room. In my free time I love to exercise , paint, and hang out with my family and friends. The classes I'm most comfortable with Math up to Calculus 1, Science up to General Chemistry 2, Anatomy, and Biology up to Cellular & Molecular, History, English, and Child Development. I look forwards to working with you."

-Rachelle Rivera, Biology Major



Miguel Martinez

"My favorite motto is "If it were easy, then everybody would do it." I took chemistry three times before I passed, this reflects my determination to succeed no matter how many times I fail. My favorite character is Spiderman and he's always been an inspiration to always do the right thing and be selfless whenever possible. I like playing video games and baseball on my free time. I am comfortable with Math up to Calculus 2, Physics up to Engineering Physics, Chemistry up to 100A."
-Miguel Martinez, Civil Engineering Major 


Javier Duran 

​"This is my second year at SCC and second semester being a tutor for SSS TRiO. My major is Healthcare Administration and thanks to it I've taken both science and business classes. The classes I am comfortable with tutoring include any Math class up to Calculus 2, Chemistry up to Organic Chemistry 1, micro-economics, and Financial Accounting."

-Javier Duran, Health Administration Major