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TRiO Program Services

Academic Tutoring Assistance

SSS TRiO provides one-on-one and group tutoring sessions to all active SCC and TRiO Scholars. Academic success is crucial for TRiO Scholars when applying to transfer to a 4-year university, especially when applying to impacted majors. Our tutors offer individualized learning to support students in-classroom instruction. Additionally, our tutors work with students to develop their study skills and time-management skills. TRIO's skilled tutors can assist with various subjects that include, but are not limited to: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English, and Physics. TRiO Scholars who use our tutoring services will not only succeed while at SCC, but will be better prepared for the university curriculum.

Priority Registration

Waiting to register for classes that you need can be frustrating. Being able to choose classes with the professors you want and at a specific time gives students control over their semester schedule. As a TRiO Scholar, you will be able to enroll in classes on the second day of registration, every semester. This will not only ensure that you are able to follow the class schedule you have planned, but guarantees transfer requirements are met in a timely manner.

Academic Coaching

Being a college student can be challenging.  During your academic coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your performance.  Honest conversations will be had and questions re: mental health, tutoring, FAFSA, and other topics will be addressed.  These sessions will allow for TRIO Scholars to walk away with new tools to help you succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

TRIO Counselors and the Transfer Process

For many students the transfer process can be very confusing. SSS TRiO has counselors that will work with each student to streamline this process. From researching universities and their requirements, to filing paperwork on time, we will be with you each step of the way to make sure the transition to the university is as smooth as possible. Additionally, TRiO facilitates transfer application workshops exclusive to TRiO Scholars where you can receive one-on-one help to complete your application on time.

TRiO's Student Center (B209)

SSS TRiO's Student Center is a communal area where TRiO Scholars have access to computers, school supplies and free printing! Additionally, students have access to a food pantry full of snacks, coffee, tea and a microwave. TRiO Scholars come between and after their classes to study or interact with other TRiO Scholars throughout the day. This provides students with the opportunity to grow their network and engage with our TRiO community.

TRiO's Instructional Support Center (B210)

SSS TRiO's Instructional Support Center provides a quiet learning environment where TRiO Scholars come to study, work on assignments, and have access to computers. Here students will find a computer lab, a study area, a conference room for privacy, and/or group study sessions. Additionally, TRiO Scholars have access to our library or textbooks, white boards and tutoring. The Instructional Support Center is open from 9am to 6pm, Monday through Thursday.

​Financial Literacy Workshops

Financial Literacy is an important skill our students learn in order to help support their various life goals, such as saving for their education or saving for a future event. Students learn important skills in our financial literacy workshops such as how to create a budget, planning retirement, managing debt and how to track personal spending. Financial Literacy workshops are facilitated by financial professionals and held during the fall semester.

Career Development Workshops

SSS TRiO offers career development workshops. Career Launch is a 4-week workshop series held in the spring semester to assist students with researching potential future employers/internship opportunities and making connections with individuals in their field of interest. Additionally, students learn how to enhance their online reputation by creating a LinkedIn profile and refine their resume. Students also learn best practices and strategies to engage in career conversations when networking.  TRIO Scholars also have access to Pathful Explore, an online career readiness program where students can learn more about career opportunities, scholarships, and more. 

College Campus Tours

SSS TRiO offers students the opportunity to visit various CSU, UC and private college campuses throughout California. Visiting college campuses prior to applying to transfer allows TRiO Scholars to explore, ask questions to current students, learn more about that university's academic offerings and envision themselves at that campus. Trips can vary in length from day trips to a weeklong overnight trip and can occur throughout the year. The program pays for food, transportation and hotels; making these trips free for students to attend.

Summer Bridge Program

High school students wishing to make a smooth transition to college may apply to the SSS TRiO Summer Bridge Program. During the summer prior to your first freshman semester, you will be oriented to college life through workshops, lectures, group work, and team building exercises. Students will not only become official members of SSS TRiO, but also make connections with other students before fall classes begin.


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