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Unofficial SCC Transcript

Accessing Your Unofficial Transcript

The online scholarship application requires that you upload your most recent unofficial transcripts from SCC. It is not necessary to order official transcripts for the sole purpose of the scholarship application. It's easy to access your transcripts from your Web Advisor. Just follow the steps below. If you are still having trouble, stop by A-210 for assistance.

Step 1. Log on t​o Web Advisor

Image of Web Advisor Home Page


Step 2. Scroll Down to the Academic Profile Section & Select “Unofficial Transcript"

Image of Academic Profile Option on Web Advisor 


Step 3. Select Transcript Type & Click “Submit"

You will be asked the type of transcript you would like to access. Select the UNOFF Unofficial College Credit option from the drop down menu. 

Image of the Transcript Type drown down menu

Step 4. Save Your Transcript

At this point, your most recent transcript should appear in your web browser. Depending on your browser and the programs on your computer, you will take one of the following steps:

  1. Click “Save As" – Save the transcript somewhere you can easily locate it on your computer, such as your desktop. Make sure that the format is “PDF.​

  1. Click “Print" – Start the printing process (Ctrl+P​) and select “Adobe PDF" or “SAVE AS PDF." You will now be prompted to name your document and save it somewhere you can easily locate it on your computer, such as your desktop.  

Step. 5 – Upload Your Transcript to the Application

Once you've logged back into your scholarship application portal, click on the “Add A New File" button directly below the question asking for your transcripts. Then click “Choose File" button. 

Image of Add A New File Link  

Image of Choose File Link 

Find the transcript you saved earlier on your computer. Select that file and click “Open."


Image of Sample Transcript on Computer 

Once you click “Open," your transcript will be linked automatically to your scholarship application!

You are one step closer to applying for multiple scholarship opportunities.

If you need help, stop by A-210 during office hours. 
There are computers available with the capability of saving transcripts as a PDF. 
Scholarship Office staff can assist if needed.

Do not wait until the week of the deadline to ask for help!


If you have questions, contact the Scholarship Program Office at (714) 628-4702.