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Scholarship Myths and Facts

Myth: Finding a scholarship that matches your profile is too time consuming

Fact: The SCC Online Scholarship Application is a "one-stop shop" for scholarships. There are over 70 scholarship opportunities available for continuing and transferring SCC students. Students simply complete ONE online application to apply for all SCC scholarships listed! The general application is the only thing that needs to be submitted for most of the SCC scholarships. There are a few scholarships that require a supplementary essay or document in addition to the general application. Since students must take an additional step to apply to these specific scholarships, they will appear with an "Apply To" button after you submit your general application.

Myth: Scholarships are only awarded to students with high GPAs (Grade Point Averages)

Fact: Many scholarships are designed for students with specific career goals or educational interests. If a GPA is used as a part of the criteria, it is often used as a minimum qualification and once you cross that hurdle, the GPA is not really a factor in the selection criteria. Each SCC scholarship has minimum GPA requirement, so be sure to read the descriptions prior to submitting your general application. 

Myth: I won't get a scholarship because the competition is too strong

Fact: Not so. Apply for scholarships that match your profile of interests and achievements. High paying scholarships often have large applicant pools, but that should not discourage you from applying. Smaller scholarships tend to have fewer applicants, which will give you a greater chance to stand out and shine. Read the scholarship criteria carefully and then write your essay to show how closely you fit the criteria.  

Myth: I don't write well enough to submit a winning essay

Fact: What you say can be just as important as how  you say it. Use your personal statement to make a connection with the donors and/or Scholarship Selection Committee. However, it is important to present a polished essay. Writing your essay on a software program that has spelling and grammar check is advised as it will catch careless errors. Tailor your essay to emphasize why you are the "ideal candidate." Remember -- an essay that makes you an ideal candidate for one scholarship may leave you out of the running for another scholarship. Therefore, you may need to customize your essay to match the criteria. Ask an English teacher, tutor, parent, or mentor for advice on how to improve your essay.

Myth: The scholarship process is a one-time thing. If I don't get it this time, I never will

Fact: Not true. In general, a particular scholarship is only available once a year. However, students often don't realize how much they have grown and improved from one year to the next. As a freshman, you may not have established a full and well-rounded picture of what you are capable of. But as a sophomore or a junior you have a great deal more to add to who you are becoming, and what you are capable of achieving. Students can win scholarships for which they previously applied and were not awarded. One thing's for sure, if you don't apply again, you won't get it.