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Guaranteed/Priority Admission Programs

​​​​SCC's Guaranteed and Priority Admission Opportunities
SCC currently has guaranteed or priority admission agreements with 52 universities across the nation, including 6 UCs, all 23 CSUs, Arizona State University, 9 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, plus numerous private universities. Some programs require a separate and/or early application or other documentation, or completion of an Associates Degree for Transfer or SCC's Honors Program​. Some examples are:
UC's Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Program:
Through the TAG program Santiago Canyon College students can ensure their admission to one of 6 UC campuses. Interested students must meet campus-specific requirements to qualify for a UC TAG and submit a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) application September 1-30 for fall admissions (UC Merced is currently the only UC campus that accepts TAG applications for spring admission May 1-31). Students are encouraged to fill out the TAG application at any time of the year, but the app can only be submitted during the month of September.  
UCLA's Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) grants priority consideration for admission based on successful completion of SCC's Honors Program. It is not a guaranteed program like the TAG, but it provides substantially higher chances for admission. Additional benefits of TAP include the ability to apply to an alternate major, and eligibility for UCLA's TAP scholarships. 
Cal State University "Degree with a Guarantee" Program:
This rapidly expanding program offers guaranteed admission to the CSU system. While it doesn't guarantee acceptance to a specific campus, it can provide an edge at competitive schools for students who complete a qualifying Associates Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T). These are new degrees, separate from previous AA/AS degrees, designed specifically to meet the requirements for this program. AA-T/AS-T degrees also allow for students to follow the same preparation for their intended major at all CSU campuses with similar majors. More info is available on SCC's Associate Degree for Transfer web page, and we strongly recommend consulting with a counselor or Transfer Specialist if you are interested in this program.
Arizona State University Guarantee Program for Admission for CA transfers:
ASU offers guaranteed admission to CA transfers who complete either 1) 24 college units with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, or 2) and AA/AS degree or CSU or IGETC certification, with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. For more info or to apply, visit ASU's Guarantee Program web page. Qualified students will earn guaranteed admission, priority scholarship consideration, and guidance on course selection for transfer. The guarantee may also be used to enroll in the extensive selection of majors available through ASU Online​
What are the advantages to a guaranteed/priority admission program?
Along with priority or guaranteed admission, other major benefits may include:
  • GPA "bump" in admission evaluation (CSU system)
  • Standardized major ​preparation courses (CSU system)
  • Early review of academic records
  • Early admission notification
  • Priority consideration for scholarships
  • Priority consideration for housing
  • Notification of special campus events
Are all agreements the same?
No. For example, each of the 6 UC campuses offering a TAG has its own unique requirements. Certain majors are generally excluded from these programs (i.e. majors which require portfolio or audition, and some highly impacted majors). In general, students are expected to complete general education courses and major preparation requirements prior to transfer. In addition, students may be required to have completed, or be in-progress with, two transfer level English and a transfer level math class at the time they apply to the priority/guarantee program. 
What about UC Berkeley?
Unfortunately, UC Berkeley does not offer any statewide guarantee or priority admission program. Berkeley has a small TAG program, but it is limited to a select population of students who transfer from a few colleges in the local Berkeley area.   
General Eligibility for all UC TAGs:
  • Meet all UC admission eligibility requirements prior to transfer
  • California Community College student (the University of California generally defines a CCC transfer student as one who has completed over half of their units at a CCC).
  • Have 30 UC transferable units completed at time of TAG application 
  • Complete 60 UC transferable units by the end of the spring of the transfer year
  • Meet campus and major-specific GPA minimums
  • Complete online TAG application during the filing period (Sept. 1-30) for fall admission
  • Complete UC admission application during the filing period (Nov. 1-30) for fall admission
Detailed UC TAG Eligibility & Application
 The UC's TAG Matrix lists the detailed criteria for each campus. Additional information and the TAG application can be found on the UC's Transfer Admission Guarantee web site.