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California State University (CSU) Campuses

​​​​​​The California State University (CSU)​ is the largest and the most diverse university system in the country. It is also one of the most affordable.​ The CSU system is comprised of 23 campuses located throughout the st​ate of California.


The CSU offers more than 1,800 bachelor's (BA and BS)​ and master's (MA and MS) degree programs in some 240 subject areas. Many of these programs are offered so that students can complete all upper-division and graduate requirements by part-time, late afternoon, and evening study. A variety of teaching and school service credential programs are available throughout the CSU system. A limited number of doctoral degrees are offered jointly with the University of California and with private institutions in California.


Map Of CSU Campuses

CSU Campus
Transfer Page​
​List of Majors
Transferring to CSUB
CSUB Ma​jors
​Channel Islands
Transferring to CSUCI
CSUCI Majors
Transferring to Chico State
Chico State Majors
Dominguez Hills
Transferring to CSUDH
CSUDH Majors
East Bay​
​Transferring to CSUEB
CSUEB Majors
Fresno​Transferring to Fresno State
Fresno State Majors
Fullerton​​Transferring to CSUF
CSUF Majors
Humboldt​​Transferring to Humboldt State
Humboldt State Majors
Long Beach​Transferring to CSULB
CSULB Majors
Los Angeles​Transferring to CSULA
CSULA Majors
Maritime Academy​Transferring to Cal Maritime
​Cal Maritime Majors
Monterey Bay​Transferring​ to CSUMB
CSUMB Majors
Northridge​​Transferring to CSUN
​CSUN Majors
Pomona (Cal Poly)Transferring to Cal Poly Pomona
​Cal Poly Pomona Majors
​Transferring to Sac State
​Sac State Majors
San Bernardino​​Transferring to CSUSB
CSUSB Majors
San Diego​
Transferring to SDSU
​SDSU Majors
San Francisco​​Transferring to SFSU
SFSU Majors
San Jose​​Transferring to SJSU
​SJSU Majors
San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly)Transferring to Cal Poly SLO
​Cal Poly SLO Majors
San Marcos​Transferring to CSUSM
​CSUSM Majors
Sonoma​Transferring to Sonoma State
​Sonoma State Majors
Stanislaus​Transferring to Stanislaus State
​Stanislaus State Majors