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San Diego


Clubs/Organizations-  How do I get involved and connected on campus?

Honors Program-  How do I qualify at Revelle, Muir, Marshall, Warren, Roosevelt, and Sixth College?

Housing-  Where are you going to live?  Additional housing options are also available!

Mentorship Programs-  Get support and assistance from current students who went through the community college transfer process. 

Summer Research Programs​ - UCSD is committed to providing Graduate and Undergraduate students with a wide range of summer research opportunities, both on and off campus. Interested students can visit the UCSD web pages of sponsoring programs to find out more about the opportunities.

Online Videos/Resources-  Take a virtual tour, view webinars, etc.

Scholarships/Financial Aid-  Check out how to earn some free money!

Services and Programs-  Additional information that you might find useful including Summer Sessions

Transfer Center-  Learn more about services that are offered and important information for the transfer process

Transfer Student Guide-  Find out what you need to do to transfer


(data are estimates and varies each year  based upon multiple criteria)

UC SAN DIEGO Admitted student profile

UC SAN DIEGO Events at UCSD for prospective students