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UC General Education Requirements

          ​​​​​​​​What is Plan C/IGETC?         

Plan C/IGETC​ which stands for the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum, is a series of courses prospective transfer students attending California State community colleges may complete at the community college to satisfy the lower division breadth/general education requirements at any University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU) campus.  The IGETC requires completion of a minimum of 37 semester units of lower-division course work, divided into five areas of study. 

The University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU) have an agreement with Santiago Canyon College that specifies which of its courses may be applied to each category of the IGETC. These courses can be found on the UC/CSU Advising Sheet, ​​ or on the ASSIST website at  ​

All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. 

          Plan C/IGETC or Not?         

Students have the option of completing the IGETC or the specific lower division breadth/general education requirements of the school or college at the campus they plan to attend.  Students who do not complete the IGETC before transferring will be required to satisfy the specific lower division general education/breadth requirements of the UC or CSU campus they attend.


NOTE:  If a student chooses IGETC, this plan must be completed prior to transfer and must be “certified” by the last community college attended by the student.

          Is Plan C/IGETC useful for all majors?         

The IGETC is most helpful to students who want to keep their options open — those who know they want to transfer but have not yet decided upon a particular institution, campus or major.  Certain students, however, will not be well served by following the IGETC.  If you are interested in a major that requires extensive lower-division major preparation, such as engineering or the physical and natural sciences, IGETC may not be the best choice for you. 


NOTE:  IGETC is not accepted for meeting general education at the colleges of Roosevelt and Revelle at UC San Diego, and for some majors and schools within the UC system.


          Is Plan C/IGETC required?         

The IGETC is not an admission requirement, nor does completing it guarantee admission to the campus or program of choice.  Completing the lower division breadth/general education requirements — whether through the IGETC or the campus-specific requirements — may be considered by a campus in selecting among qualified applicants

Students are advised to meet with a Santiago Canyon College counselor to assist you in choosing the appropriate path for completing transfer general education requirements.

          What if I don't finish IGETC?            

Partial certification of IGETC is permitted if the student has completed all but two courses.

*Area 1, English Communication and Area 2, Mathematics must be completed prior to transferring.  

Source: University of California

Partial credit
Students who do not complete IGETC before transferring will be required to satisfy the specific lower-division general education/breadth requirements of the UC college or school they attend. However, California community colleges may grant partial certification of IGETC to students who are missing no more than two requirements. Students submitting partial IGETC certification should complete the missing requirements at either UC or a California community college as designated by their department. Students who have been granted partial IGETC certification should not return to the community college for a full certification.