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CAMP Eligibility

Both SCC and Santa Ana College students are eligible to participate in CAMP.



-Permanent Resident, Citizen, or Eligible Non-Citizen

-Freshman standing with less than 24 academic units completed


Students must also meet one of the following qualifications


  1. Worked a minimum of 75 days during the past 24 months in migrant or seasonal farm work, or be dependent of a migrant or seasonal farm worker
  2. Participated in or were eligible to participate in a high school Migrant Educational Program
  3. Participation in programs under the Workforce Investment Act for migrant and seasonal farm workers.


Program Definitions


Migrant farm worker

A seasonal farm worker whose employment requires travel and keeps the farm worker from returning to their permanent residence on the same day

Seasonal farm worker

Is a person whose primary employment is farm work, but on a temporary or seasonal basis


Farm work

Any activity related to the production of crops, livestock, dairy products, tree logging, fishing, packaging and/or transportation of raw products, and work performed for wages or personal livelihood on a ranch, farm, or similar business.