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Last modified at 5/7/2013 2:28 PM by SCC Outcomes Assessment

Welcome to the Student Guide to Learning Outcomes. This website is designed to answer questions or provide information about SLOs.


What are Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)?

Student Learning Outcomes are general skills, knowledge, or masteries which students are expected to achieve after completing a college course, academic program of study leading to an award, or even participating in a structured set of activities. The faculty responsible for a course or award program defines what overall qualities or abilities a successful student should have after completing a college course or award program; those become the student learning outcomes. SCC has college Student Learning Outcomes available here.
Why are SLOs important?
Student Learning Outcomes are specific statements about the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are expected of students after successfully completing the program/curriculum. Student Learning Outcomes identify graduates’ skills to transfer universities and/or employers. Student Learning Outcomes provide evidence of student learning to be utilized for accreditation requirements (certification).
Why do I need to know the Student Learning Outcomes for my course?
The Student Learning Outcomes for your course represent the overall goals of the course and give you an idea of what you should know and be able to do upon completion of the course. Student Learning Outcomes indicate what your instructor feels is important and help you to understand the significant things to learn. Finding out what the SLOs are and thinking about them might help guide your approach to the course.
Where can I find the Student Learning Outcomes for my course?
These are listed on your course syllabus and should be discussed by your instructor. They are also available for every course on CurricUNET here, and in Division Offices.
Will these affect my grade?
Faculty assesses outcomes; that is, they find a way to determine if their students are achieving those desired outcomes. Instructors may test for the outcomes as part of regular class assignments; however, these assessments are not necessarily part of the students' grades in the courses. The emphasis is to evaluate the effectiveness of the course and to improve student learning, not to evaluate the accomplishment of an individual student.
Will it mean more work for me?
The SLOs are the skills or abilities you are supposed to gain in the course. A course assignment might be part of the assessment, or the instructor might use a separate assignment or activity to assess an outcome. That is up to the instructor. Any assignments will be integrated parts of the course and not additional work for you.