Library Instruction

  • The Library provides instruction sessions to introduce students to library research strategies and resources that will help them complete research-related assignments.
  • One-hour instruction sessions are offered in the Library classroom, L-219.
    [The earliest an instruction can be scheduled is 30 minutes after the Library opens. Evening instruction sessions vary by semester.]
  • Submit one library instruction request per form.
  • Submit request 10 working days in advance of instruction date requested.
  • Confirmation of date and time of instruction session will be sent by email within 3 working days of submitting request.

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Step 1: Instructor / Instruction Session Information

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NOTE: Research shows that library instruction works best when students have had some time to digest the assignment details and are ready to choose a topic or begin researching their topic.
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Step 2: Research Assignment for Your Students [Required]

In order for a library instruction to be most effective, it needs to focus on a research assignment you, the instructor, are assigning your students. Please state and describe the research assignment.

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  • Do you want any specific databases, resources, or services to be covered in this session?
  • Suggested relevant sample topics

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STEP 3: Attendance by the Instructor

When instructors attend library instruction sessions with their students, it makes for a more meaningful learning experience. Therefore, by submitting this form, you verify you will be present for the session.

If you have any questions, please call Information Desk at (714) 628-5005.