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Alli Raish

Hard Work Pays Off at Santiago Canyon College

As a Santiago Canyon College (SCC) student, alumna Alli Raish began her college career facing an obstacle. To transfer to a university, Raish had to pass basic algebra and one higher math class. For her major of psychology, she needed to pass statistics.

Alli Raish“I was in my third semester of taking the same basic algebra class,” says Raish, “I was on the verge of being kicked out.”

In her first semester, Raish was not fully prepared for what it meant to take college math and that it took real determination. In her second semester with Professor Sakamoto, she rarely showed up to class. Finally, in her third semester with the same professor, Raish was told she had to pass, or she would no longer be an SCC Hawk. “I had nobody to blame but myself. In that third semester, I kicked it into high gear and sought help from my professor,” says Raish.

According to Raish, Sakamoto stopped her outside of class and told her, “You went from one of my absolute worst students to one of my hardest working students.” She explains that in that moment, the recognition of her hard work and the kind words from her teacher lit a fire under her. Her professor found a tutor that meshed well with Raish and she eventually passed her basic algebra with an A+. She continued through to statistics, after which with hard work and the help of her professor, she transferred.

“To know that your hard work and effort don’t go unnoticed, really shows the caring attitude and nature of faculty here at SCC,” says Raish.​