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Andrew Nava

Santiago Canyon College Student Creates Lasting Friendships

As a high school student Andrew Nava was never involved in any extracurricular activity his school had to offer. When Nava first enrolled at Santiago Canyon College (SCC) in fall 2016, he decided he wanted to make the most of his time while here. He joined Associated Student Government (ASG) to keep himself busy and possibly make new friends.

Andrew Nava“I still felt a little secluded because I was not comfortable talking to anybody yet,” says Nava. This feeling of seclusion continued to occur until Nava ventured out to speak with his peers, and helped to make another club begin on campus.

According to Nava, it was not until he attended an event put on by ASG and the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) that he felt he truly connected to his peers. “We hosted a movie night, and it was the first time I had watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. Everyone was dancing and laughing, it was a time I will never forget,” says Nava.

As he continued to spend more time with both members of ASG and GSA, he and a peer realized that GSA seemed to be dwindling down in their activities. Nava decided to help his peer to create SCC Pride, to encourage more students to join and be part of a wonderful club on campus.

“I never saw myself as someone who could put a club into motion,” says Nava, “but with the help of the friends I made during an ASG event, I was able to help make that possible.”​