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Christian Vargas

​From Academic Probation to UC Candidate

Second-year student, Christian Vargas, has his eyes set on attending a UC by next spring, and is currently completing 16 units to get there. He spends what free time he has studying, and any break time at school to complete more work. Vargas has admitted he was not always this committed, though.

Christian Vargas“I dropped four classes,” says Vargas, “I thought I could handle it, but I couldn’t at the time.” As a result of this, Vargas was put on academic probation. When this occurred, he felt as if he should call it quits and no longer pursue his education.

Instead of giving up, Vargas pushed through on his path of education. His commitment to his education was strengthened after an activity and conversation he had with his communications professor Matthew Volz. The activity in question challenged the way in which students used problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, something in which Vargas thought he had excelled in.

The conversation with Volz allowed Vargas to dive deeper into his own decision making processes, as well as his way of thinking. “It was really enlightening…this was the first time I got to speak with someone with such a background as his.”

Volz continued to inspire Vargas to do more for himself as a college student. His words of encouragement ultimately led Vargas to schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss his future.

“Without the game in his class, I would’ve never had a conversation with him. Had there been no conversation with him, the steps to continue my future in education might not have ever happened,” says Vargas.