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Jessica Khalili

Everything Changed in One Political Science Class

Second-year, political science major, Jessica Khalili, discovered her passion while at Santiago Canyon College (SCC).

Jessica KhaliliWhen Khalili started at SCC, she was a business major, but everything changed in one political science class. She decided to take a political science class with instructor Nooshan Shekarabi. In this class, students had to participate in political discussions. Through these political discussions Khalili started to not dread talking in class and she liked that the professor was challenging the students to think and form their own opinions.

During one class, the political discussion was political action committees, which Khalili got really into. She was not sure why she was so involved in the topic but she ran with it. Political action committees are used by the presidential candidates and the discussion was centered on why they were used and how that effected the campaign. She felt a lot of satisfaction because she said I actually knew what I was talking about and she was confident enough to say “no one can debate me on this topic, I have this.”

This one class changed Khalili from a business and fashion major to a political science major. She is now involved in InterClub Council (ICC) as the president, Associated Student Government (ASG), and the forensics team.