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Solomon Jones

​​Solomon Jones Finds His Motivation to Succeed in SCC’s Adult High School Program

There can be times in class when students may feel as if they are seen as just another number and not a person as a whole. Throughout his time in high school, SCC student Solomon Jones felt exactly this way. The lack of his connection with teachers in high school and his lack of confidence in his intelligence ultimately led to not completing his high school education, until one day he wanted to be more.

Solomon JonesJones set out to complete his high school education and found Santiago Canyon College (SCC) Division of Continuing Education. While completing the necessary courses, he saw that the teachers within the Adult High School Program wanted ​nothing more than for him to succeed.

“The staff in the program continuously told me that I could do it. Before my time here, I never felt wanted within the education system. The support and encouragement they showed me made me truly believe that I’m not dumb…that I can do this,” says Jones.

According to Jones, he believes the only reason he is currently doing well in life is because of SCC and the high school program that is offered here. The support emitting from the staff within the classroom gave him the motivation he needed to complete high school. “I went from failing in high school, to being an honor student in college,” says Jones.

At this time, Jones is working on graduating with his associate degree, and transferring to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Jones says he hopes to become an English teacher where he can “be there to help the kids, like the teachers at SCC have continuously helped me.”