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Trinity Wallace Ellis

​Making a Difference One Student at a Time

Trinity Wallace Ellis saw her help come full circle for a student at Santiago Canyon College (SCC).

Ellis is the student services coordinator for the Guardian Scholars Program, which supports college-bound students exiting the foster care system. She helps this special student population flourish in college using positivity and encouragement.

Trinity Wallace EllisA student that sticks out in Ellis’ mind had been adopted by a foster family and her adoptive father passed away suddenly. The sudden loss of her adoptive father took a toll on her personal and school life. She needed to get a job and thought it would just be easier to quit SCC than juggle loss, school, and work.

Once Ellis heard what had happened with this student, she called her and left a voicemail saying that she could overcome her challenges, that she just needed to get back up when she’s knocked down. Ellis was unsure if this message worked, then she looked at the roster of her students and saw that this student had enrolled again in school. This student then emailed Ellis about the message which she says helped her more than Ellis could know. The student even quoted Ellis, who said, “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, as long as you get back up.”

For Ellis, this email showed her that she was making a difference. Ellis said, “Knowing that I had helped just one, gave me faith and hope that I’m making a difference.”