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Bryan Orrillo

SCC Student Attributes One Class to Why He Went to College

Bryan Orrillo is a third year computer engineering major who probably would not have gone to college if it hadn’t been for a class at Santiago Canyon College (SCC).

Bryan OrrilloOrrillo had no plans to go to college until he was encouraged to take a class while still in high school. He took intro to computer science at SCC with instructor Dennis Rainey and it changed his mind about college. During this class he was able to begin learning the concepts of coding. This one class is what sparked the fire for him to continue on to college after high school.

“I felt a passion and I was able to do everything I wanted,” Orillo said, “I wasn’t stuck doing things that didn’t interest me, which was part of why I didn’t want to go to college, school hadn’t been my thing.”

Being able to learn about the things in computer science that he enjoyed, gave Orrillo that drive to want to go to college. He enjoys the coding and programming part of computer science but has recently been wanting to do more hands-on work with computer hardware.

Since that one class, Orrillo has joined Associated Student Government (ASG) which he says has helped him a lot. He is currently the director of athletics for ASG. Through ASG, he has been able to find his public speaking voice, slowly but surely. It has also shown him to be more active when it comes to school and he’s become more involved in the community on campus.