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Cassandra Cheung

SCC Gives Business/Economics Major a Sense of Belonging

Second-year student and business/economics major, Cassandra Cheung, is involved in a wide variety of on-campus clubs and participates in even more activities. She greets all with a smile, and if she can, a hug. Her bright and bubbly personality radiates around her and one can’t help bu​t smile in her presence. She wasn’t always like this, though.

Cassandra CheungAs a freshman at Santiago Canyon College (SCC), Cheung was quiet and shy. “I was an introvert,” says Cheung, “I did the bare minimum by going to class and going home.” It all changed for her when a peer encouraged her to join Associated Student Government (ASG), leaving an application on her desk. While she sat in the library, she decided she had nothing to lose by completing and submitting the application. That decision changed her outlook and behavior at SCC for the rest of the semester, and the semesters to come.

Upon joining ASG, Cheung says “I became like a butterfly, I opened up. I am glad I made that choice.” She became involved with campus activities, made connections, and ultimately increased her confidence. At SCC, she felt a sense of belonging and comfort that diminished the feeling of ever being alone.

Cheung encourages current and incoming students to be proactive while at SCC. “That’s the super key, all the help is here but you need to go out and do it... make those connections and get involved. The world can be a scary place, but everyone at SCC is always willing to help.”​