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Each day, each moment, each step counts. Your future has incredible potential, which is why what you do each day to get there is critical. At SCC we help you achieve your big future, by zooming in every day to support you through all the little daily moments that matter most to get there. At SCC each day tells a story of how big your future will be.

What you do each day to get there is more important.

At SCC, what happens here matters.

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Adriana Ibanez Steven Stenersen Kelsey Bains Christian Vargas
Michael DeCarbo Alli Raish Andrew Nava Cassandra Cheung
Jessica Khalili Joey Lanning Trinity Wallace-Ellis Miguel Luna
Joe Geissler Liz Hitch Taylor James Leilany Vega
Carmen Herrera Solomon Jones Summer Marsh Bryan Orrillo

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We want to know about your little moments that matter. Fill out the form below to let us know about a specific moment you remember that mattered. It could be the moment you realized what you want to be, the conversation that got you through, the morning ritual that keeps you focused. Each day you take small steps toward something incredible, we’d love to know what they are.