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Hunter Felde

SCC Theatre Arts Program Unlocks Student’s Potential

Hunter Felde walked onto the Santiago Canyon College (SCC) campus in 2016 with a well-rounded background in theater. As a Michael Jackson tribute artist focused on the choreography of the moonwalking master, Hunter had performed before large crowds. In middle school and high school, he had participated in various theater productions both onstage and backstage. But it wasn’t until a dress rehearsal for a clever theater department adaptation of A Christmas Carol that Hunter really found his place in theater.

Image of Hunter Felde"I was working on the tech crew and just loving every minute of it, but when we finally combined the lights, the sound, and the actors for the full production, it really came together for me."

On closing night of the production, Hunter joined the cast and backstage crew to share their respective stories, providing an opportunity to express those powerful feelings into words. This defining event helped Hunter to unlock his own personal shell and establish a place of comfort at SCC, where he feels supported by both students and faculty. He’s made many new friends on campus, and renewed friendships with others dating back to his early years in middle school theater productions.

As the lead in the props department, Hunter likes to create things out of nothing. On directive to make something that looked like a pom-pom, he pursued the project using party streamers and cardboard, turning out a perfect pom-pom.

"My instructor loved it and gave me a big smile when she saw it. That really made me feel good about myself and my abilities," says Hunter.

This multi-talented student also has experience making films, and plans to pursue a major in film at California State University, Fullerton. Watch for the name Hunter Felde to scroll on the screen in movie credits of the future!​