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Steven Stenersen

​​Student Veteran Gives Back to Help Others at SCC

When Steven Stenersen enrolled at Santiago Canyon College (SCC) after nine years in the military, he says he felt as if he was “isolated on an island.” For many returning veterans, the transition from a military lifestyle to a civilian lifestyle is not an easy task. Student veterans often feel as if they do not belong on college campus, and that they are alone.

Steven StenersenThese feelings continued for Stenersen until he found the Veterans Office. He was able to connect with other veterans while at the office, and these connections made for an easier interaction with other students, creating a smoother transition into college life. The exchanges with other veterans helped him realize that he was not alone in his feelings. Help and encouragement from the Veterans Office and his friends led Stenersen to create the Veterans Club.

“I saw other vets going through the same difficulty as I was, from a military life and mindset, to a life in college. I wanted to help create a smoother transition for the other vets,” says Stenersen.

Since the beginning of the club in fall of 2015, the club has gradually grown, with not only veterans, but also students who have an interest in military. Stenersen shares stories and advice with those who want it, and helps those in the same position as he is to know they are not alone.

“I wanted to give back to help others,” says Stenersen, “and within this club I am able to feel that level of comfort and camaraderie that I hope other vets know they can be a part of.”