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Tuyen Nguyen

​Student Success Is #1 for SCC Administrator

Student success is often the result of several things that may be different for every student, including determination, perseverance, and outside support. While support can come from family, a professor, or other students, it is sometimes found (and always available) within the Santiago Canyon College (SCC) administration.

Image of Tuyen NguyenTuyen Nguyen has worked at SCC for 17 years, where he currently serves as the assistant dean of Admissions and Records. One of the most rewarding aspects of Nguyen’s job is the opportunity to directly assist students facing admission or enrollment challenges. In a way, he’s the “closer” who brings about a satisfactory conclusion for these students.

Nguyen cited the example of a Vietnamese family with limited English who hoped to enroll their daughter in classes at the college. Upon Nguyen’s recommendation, the student took one year of English as a Second Language classes through the Continuing Education program. With stronger English language skills, she was better prepared to attend SCC the following year, with the added benefit of meeting the residency requirements for in-state enrollment fees.

“I really enjoy helping to make a difference in someone’s life,” said Nguyen. “I typically see students when there is an issue that can’t be resolved elsewhere, so I listen closely to their story and do what I can within the college regulations and policies to remove barriers from student goals.”

Nguyen’s problem solving abilities also impacted a high school student who was concurrently taking classes at SCC and was determined to get her associate degree by her high school graduation.

“After taking one or two SCC classes each semester through four years of high school, she lacked one final class toward her AA degree, and the class was full. I intervened and communicated with the instructor, and we were able to help the student fulfill her goal,” said Nguyen.​