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​​Topics covered include:

Program overview including the courses needed to graduate​
What you can expect with online learning
Creating a personalized Education Plan
​Transitioning to College 


In-person classes at two convenient locations​:
Santiago Canyon College, 8045 E. Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA 92869. ​
College & Workforce Preparation Center, 1572 N. Main Street, Orange CA 92867.

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Hear what our student, Maria has to say about the High School Diploma Program.



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​Adult ​​​​​High School​​ Diploma FAQs

How does the high school diploma program work
 First, you meet with a counselor to create an education plan that lists the courses you need to take to earn your diploma. Then you register for your classes.
You can take a standard class that runs all semester, or you can take an accelerated class that runs approximately 9 weeks.
All classes are taught by experienced teachers that have undergone intensive training in how to teach online. ​
You will take your classes using an online learning system known a​s Canvas. 
What is the difference between the Adult High School Diploma Program and the GED/HiSET?
A high school diploma indicates that the student has attended and successfully completed all required courses.
The GED or HiSET is an equivalency certificate earned by passing the required tests that determines whether the test-taker has a high school graduate's level of knowledge.
​​Do you accept transfer credits?
Yes. We accept eligible transfer credits from previous high schools, foreign countries, armed forces programs, colleges, and other accredited vocational institutions.
Up to 40 high school elective credits may be granted for work experience. 
​Do I need to get transcripts? 
Yes. Your transcripts are used to determine what additional classes you need to earn your diploma. 
You can order transcripts from Cost ranges from t​hree to twenty dollars and it takes approximately 3 days for delivery.
Parchment sends the transcripts to us electronically. Please select as destination “Prepared for: SCC Continuing Education - Care of Leyvi ​Berganza".
What else do I need to get started?
You need an email address that you check regularly. This is the best way for us to contact and update you.
You will also need reliable internet access and a computer.
(Need a laptop? Learn more about our Laptop Loaner Program.)​
How long will it take me to finish the program? 
It depends on how many classes you need, how many classes you complete in one semester,
and how much time and effort you dedicate to your studies.   
When you meet with a counselor, they can review an estimated timeline with you. 
How many credits are required to obtain my High School diploma?   
160 in specific areas such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Humanities, and Electives 
How many hours a week are required?  
On average you can expect to spend between 8-18 hours a week per course.
​​I have never taken an online class before. What can I expect?
You will use Canvas, a learning management system to take classes. In a traditional class, you go to the classroom to learn. With an online class, you use Canvas. Here,
you access your class materials, complete assignments, and communicate with your instructor and classmates. New to Canvas? No worries. Training is provided. 
What are the requirements to graduate high school?
You need a total of 160 credits to graduate. Click here to see the courses you must take. 
Do you offer classes on campus? 
Yes! We offer classes at the locations below:
- Santiago Canyon College, 8045 E. Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA 92869. You can Register in Room U-80.  
- College & Workforce Preparation Center, 1572 N. Main Street, Orange, CA 92867
For more information, call 714-628-5929 or 714-628-5999. 

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You can also call us at 714-628-5929​ or 714-628-5999